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Pick your favorite style(s) and use our booking system to reserve your item for 4-6-8-12-14 days.

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    B2B Platform that enables designers & boutiques to resell and allow bookings (library collection)


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Frequently Asked Questions

- Reduced environmental impact: By creating a closed-loop system, circular fashion minimizes the waste and pollution associated with the production and disposal of textiles, reducing the strain on natural resources and habitats.

- Increased value for clothing: Circular fashion encourages a shift towards better quality, longer-lasting clothing that can be easily repaired or repurposed, increasing the value of each garment and reducing the need for constant consumption.

- Job creation: As circular fashion models rely on repairing, reusing, and recycling textiles, it can create new job opportunities in these areas, particularly in local communities.

- Improved transparency: Circular fashion models promote greater transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain, providing consumers with more information on the materials, production practices, and environmental or social impacts of their clothing.

- Reduction in carbon emissions: Through reducing the dependence on new production cycles, the circular fashion industry result in lower levels of carbon emissions, as the current fashion industry is known to be one of the most polluting industries in the world.

CIRCULAR CLOSETS stands for designers, curators, and creators using their art while extending the lifecycle of closets. While promoting pieces that communicate between eras. Apply as a partner seller here

We believe, Like art, circular fashion is not just about creating functional clothing but also creating pieces that convey a message, tell a story, and evoke emotions. The focus on sustainability and reducing waste can inspire unique designs and encourage the use of unconventional materials, giving fashion designers the opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent in a completely different way. The process of creating circular fashion involves rethinking and reshaping traditional supply chains, upcycling or repurposing existing materials, and finding creative ways to extend the life of garments.

The library collection is a curated collection from each high end designer, that can you can book for your special event or occasion. Book from the designer, exclusively in CIRCULAR CLOSETS, and return it after.

Use our booking system to reserve your item for 4-6-8-12-14 days.

If you are a designer looking for Reselling your creations the answer is yes.

If you are an individual with designer pieces contact us to sell through our curated luxury Resell boutiques.

Have new returning customers. Boost your sales and bring visibility and awareness to your timeless creations. Use CIRCULAR CLOSETS data and analytics to understand your audience and business. Increase your revenue using the library collection, Resell program and our Circular club Network .

Have the full designer experience, connect with premium creators. Discover pieces that match your full sel-expression for a fraction of the price market.

Not only you're creating an Impact Impression. But positive impact empowering local high end designers, premium boutiques - and environment impact - prolonging the life cycle of quality items.