Introducing the "Macua" Collection: A Tribute to the Inspirational Women of Northern Mozambique

Discover the essence of the Macua woman – a matriarch, a symbol of strength and inspiration. 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the "Macua" Collection, designed by Samissone, the renowned signature designer.

This exceptional collection pays homage to the remarkable women of Northern Mozambique, showcasing their blend of feminine power, delicacy, sweetness, and everyday challenges.

Each piece in the Macua Collection is tailor-made and exclusively crafted, ensuring that every woman who wears them feels unique. 

 Experience the magic of our limited and one-of-a-kind pieces soon on CIRCULAR CLSOETS.

Samissone and CIRCULAR CLSOETS  Stand for authenticity, conscious fashion, creativity, and  exclusive designs. We believe in celebrating fashion as an expression of self and a catalyst for empowerment.

Join us in celebrating the MACUA spirit and be among the first to explore the captivating "Macua" Collection.

Stay tuned for its exclusive launch on CIRCULAR CLSOETS, where you can discover a curated selection of fashion that aligns with your values.



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